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your story, on the wall
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A factory where creativity and technology allow themselves to be contaminated by life and art, by history and by our time. An approach to wallcovering that is not afraid to be daring, proposing unusual atmospheres and adapting to the needs of today's living.
no game without rules
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Between geometry and nature, each kingdom is a repertoire of shapes, metaphors, sounds that pass through the image. With Murals, the wall reconfigures the concept of limit and opacity, projecting subtle universes that make the way of inhabiting space dense
Choose your story. Each Murals collection reinterprets themes of the past, projecting them into the future of wallpapers, through the tools of digital design and the latest printing technologies
Captivating color ranges transfigure the same story just as the tone of voice can give different meaning to the same words. Play with the color combinations that best define your personality
Your kingdom for a horse, or for a monkey, or for a flower. Hover and click to enter the visual worlds of Murals and write your story
Murals unleashes the arts beyond
the walls of your human creativity